Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services

We understand that accounts receivable management can be a cumbersome task for any business, especially, CPA firms, real estate, or any business with multiple units, with a direct impact on cash flow. Our specialists ensure maintaining an efficient process, ensuring smooth cash flow and faster collection. Our Accounts Receivable services offer an innovative approach to help businesses increase the performance of their Accounts Receivable department by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and increasing overall work capital.
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Accounts Receivable Process

Keeping track of endless invoices and managing collections can be overwhelming, and chasing late payments with invoice reminders doesn’t have to be an all-day, everyday task. Let our accounts receivable team focus on trivial-but-critical collections processes, which include –
  • Prepare Sales Order (SO) and timely deliver goods & services.
  • Send invoices to the customers for the payments
  • Constant follow-up
  • Prioritizing high-valued customers
  • Discount to the debtors to encourage them to pay on time
  • Payment adjustments and in-depth reporting


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